Opinions of D. Kopřiva and P. Sobotka on the philatelic market in a period of crisis. E15, May 2020 (citations were also taken over by other internet media)

Source: E15


Article in the magazine Týden, 4.11., On philately, rarities and collector’s directions. The author draws on an interview with Jaroslav Chlubna and other members of PPCP. Continuing to work with information from J. Chlubna is going on.


Article by Zdeněk Filípek on the International Stamp Exhibition HUNFILA 2019 – BUDAPEST

Source: Merkur Revue 9/2019

Interview with Petr Sobotka in Sunday Blesk (Nedělní Blesk) 20.10. Generally about philately and investment as an interesting aspect of successful people’s lives.

Source: “Nedělní Blesk”

Interview Lucie Výborná with Tomáš Mádl 29.10. at Radiožurnál. Extremely important presentation of PPCP and philately in media space. This show was watched by 1.2 million listeners!


Interview with J. Stuna and other PPCP personalities on TV LIST (great response, seen by hundreds of thousands of people)
The article on stamps and PPCP including a short video, speaks T. Mádl, M. Němeček and D. Kopřiva
The story of Mauritius
An important interview by T. Mádl for aktualne.cz, which had a great impact and was cited by various economic and investment websites, including patria.cz